What is advantages of Python Programming Language than other Languages?!

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First of all, if you don’t have any prior knowledge about none of the programming languages, but you want to start learning a programming language, “What do you do at this step??!!”

That’s right. You go to google and search something like, “which language is most popular?” or “which language has better job opportunity?” or “which language is easiest to learn for dummies?”

Hear, I try to answer to some of your questions. According to almost all of statics, python is in top 3 or top 5 programming languages which has more developer worldwide and has wider job market and …

So, if you decided to start learning programming by python as your first language, your decision is absolutely correct. But let know why is that? And why python is so popular among developers?

The main reason which all of developer are agree to, is that python syntax is very easy and code readability is very high rather than other languages like C++ or C# or Java. In C family languages (C++, C#, Java) there are some kind of unwanted complexity specially in some subjects like “Pointers” and etc.

Although pointer has a great role in memory management and that’s why all of graphic software like Adobe Series, and most of Game designs which need a huge memory are designed by C++ and C# and Java, but “pointers” are hard to understand for beginners.

If you look at the python applications in real world, python didn’t use in the areas that require memory management. The main applications of python is in field of data science and artificial intelligence and other scientific subjects.

Although, python has all of the abilities of other languages like GUI design, web framework (Which is Django Framework), OpenCV and etc.

Finally, I want to tell you if you want to start learning a programming language and if you are not a computer Eng student but you need a programming language for your works and for your field of studies, “GO AND LEARN PYTHON!!!”.


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