Analytical Dynamic in a Nutshell

Classic mechanic or “Classic Dynamic” is all about applying the Newton’s laws on a dynamic system and deriving the dynamic equations of motions of system. Usually, you first draw Free Body Diagram of system and apply the forces on parts and derive the equations of motion. Therefore, we could say Classic Dynamic is “Force-Based” approach.

In “Analytical Dynamic”, we use another approach to derive “equations of motion” or “Dynamic Equations of System”. In this approach we first calculate the energy of system (kinetic and potential energies) and then derive the dynamic equations from energy of the system, thus, the Analytical Dynamic is “Energy-Based” approach.

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How to become an “Electrical Engineer” without going to university?!!

Nowadays, by vast development in internet use and internet speed worldwide, online platforms are growing exponentially. E-learning is part of this growth which makes learning, very easy and efficient. I remember when I was student 15 years ago, there was no famous e-learning platform among students and there were just some video tutorials in some special topics in DVDs or CDs and we could buy them and learn a topic. For other topics, we had to just read books or e-books, but as today, you can find lots of video tutorials in almost any topic in online platforms like Coursera, Udemy, Lynda and etc. In my native language (Farsi), there also are some powerful online platform which provide e-learning services and I am pretty sure that in other languages, online platforms do exist.

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