Number Theory in a Nutshell

Number theory is one of branches of mathematics which deals with relations between Integer Numbers (positive and negative natural numbers and zero) which shown as Z numbers.

Number theory, as a course in undergraduate of mathematics, usually starts with topic of “Divisibility”. This section involves with some sub-topics like “division algorithm”, “Greatest Common Divisor”, “Least Common Multiple”, “Euclid Algorithm”, “Prime Numbers”, “Sieve of Eratosthenes”, “Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic”, “Linear Diophantine Equations” and etc.

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Analytical Dynamic in a Nutshell

Classic mechanic or “Classic Dynamic” is all about applying the Newton’s laws on a dynamic system and deriving the dynamic equations of motions of system. Usually, you first draw Free Body Diagram of system and apply the forces on parts and derive the equations of motion. Therefore, we could say Classic Dynamic is “Force-Based” approach.

In “Analytical Dynamic”, we use another approach to derive “equations of motion” or “Dynamic Equations of System”. In this approach we first calculate the energy of system (kinetic and potential energies) and then derive the dynamic equations from energy of the system, thus, the Analytical Dynamic is “Energy-Based” approach.

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What are the advantages of React JS??!!

By growing a dynamic web project, (for example famous social medias like Facebook, twitter or online stores like amazon or eBay) the number of http request on a page and the reload of page to update new variables, increases significantly. Frontend includes 3 parts: HTML, CSS and JavaScript. When the project gets big the number of JavaScript function calls and etc, gets bigger and the speed of load page decreases accordingly. Also, the handling of this for developers of website gets crazy and sometimes they get lost among all of these JavaScript calls.

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What are the advantages of Node JS??!!

Node JS is one the highly efficient backend frameworks for web development, written in JavaScript. It was introduced in 2009 for first time by Ryan Dahl. By introducing of the node JS, both of frontend and backend of web could be done only by JavaScript and since then the market had shown vast need for MEAN Stack and MERN Stack developers. MEAN stack is abbreviation of four technologies used for web development: MongoDB, Express JS, Angular JS and Node JS and also MERN stack just replaced the Angular JS with React JS. But the question is, why the reason for the increasing popularity and use of Node JS and what are its advantages than other backend frameworks.

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Meta-heuristic Optimization Algorithms

In many fields of science and engineering, we face with a problem which needs to optimize a mathematical function. It means we need our function to be maximum or minimum of its values. If our problem is maximization, desired function is called “utility function” or “profit function” and if the problem is minimization, the function is called “cost function” or “loss function”, but in general we could call the function as “objective function”.

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“Decorators” in Python

One of most powerful and advanced features of “Object-Oriented Programming” in python, is “Decorators”. But before you dive in to the decorator’s topic, you need to know somethings in advance. For C++ and Java programmers, functions inside of functions is weird and unfamiliar, but python supports creating functions inside of functions and a function can have an argument which is a function itself! Please don’t mess it up with recursion. In recursion (which is supported by C++ and java as well), same function is called inside of definition of function, but in python you can define a new function inside a function (like a wrapper function), and return of your function could be a function. This is so beautiful feature and makes a great tool for professional programmers to write codes.

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Classical physics is well known because of works of Newton in “Mechanics” and famous Maxwell equations of “electromagnetism” and also Kepler’s laws of “Planetary Motion”. These works all had done before 20th century, starting by Kepler’s famous laws in 17th century. There is a stage between classical physics and modern physics which is not completely belong neither to classical physics and nor to modern physics. This stage is “Statistical Mechanics” and represents new definition for temperature and rearranges the “Thermodynamics Laws” by statistical point of view. These works mainly had done by “Boltzmann” and Maxwell and Others.


How to become an “Electrical Engineer” without going to university?!!

Nowadays, by vast development in internet use and internet speed worldwide, online platforms are growing exponentially. E-learning is part of this growth which makes learning, very easy and efficient. I remember when I was student 15 years ago, there was no famous e-learning platform among students and there were just some video tutorials in some special topics in DVDs or CDs and we could buy them and learn a topic. For other topics, we had to just read books or e-books, but as today, you can find lots of video tutorials in almost any topic in online platforms like Coursera, Udemy, Lynda and etc. In my native language (Farsi), there also are some powerful online platform which provide e-learning services and I am pretty sure that in other languages, online platforms do exist.

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