Why Do I Need a Tutor!?

Maybe you think you can learn anything by just reading books or watching video lectures or attending in group classes with a lot of students or searching through internet or YouTube or etc. But experiences and researches shows that only less than 20 percent of all people can learn anything by those ways and rest of people need someone to help them through learning process.

Maybe you have experienced this, which in first hours of watching a video lecture or in first pages of a book, you faced a lot of questions that rest of materials depended on the answers of question. And of course no one was near you to help and you had to leave rest of video lecture or book and or by searching a lot in internet, you got tired and preferred not to go on. In this moments, you really feel you need a tutor beside you to help you to get start and grow. Obviously after some tutoring programs, you can be like an expert and you can solve your problems on your own.

If there is a good tutor, with great teaching skills and great knowledge and of course with affordable cost, everyone choose to have one to start learning something new.

Here I am, your tutor with good vibes, good attitude, good knowledge and affordable price. You can book my programming bootcamps, only with 20 USD per hour. So don’t waste your time and don’t get tired of lots of books and video lectures and start your beautiful programming journey with me. Wait to hear from you my friend.


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