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"Free Webinar"

Introduction to Python Programming Language
Date: Saturday (27 June 2020) - From 22:30 to 23:30 (Tehran time zone)

For registration, please fill below from:

Please note that if the number of registered attendant is less than 5, webinar would be canceld. So, if you want to join to webinar, please register.

For knowing how to attend in online classes or free webinars, read the information in below box and follow all steps according to provided instruction.

How to attend in online classes or free webinars??!!

Attending in online classes or free webinars, is so easy and you just need to download and install free software, “adobe connect”, from below link. Below link is for installation on laptops or PC.

Adobe Connect software

It is good to know that you can join to webinars by tablet or mobile phone. You need to install “adobe connect” from “app store” or “google play store” and it is completely free.

When you run “adobe connect”, no matter from your laptop or tablet or mobile phone, you should copy this URL in blank box and press continue:

Next, if you are attending in a free webinar, you need to fill your name in “guest” tab and then press “enter room”. In this case, you can just participate in webinar from “chat” section.

But if you want to attend in “paid” online classes, after registration and paying the fee, you receive a “username” and “password”. This time instead of “guest” tab, you can login from “Registered User” tab. In this case you can communicate with tutor via your camera and your voice.